I had the pleasure of working with Annie for nearly 2 years. I found her to be very understanding of my issues and concerns and helped me work out a way forward for myself. Very professional, comforting and easy to talk to. I would highly recommend using Annie for support to anyone. A positive experience for me.

Javid 45, @ Leeds. 2017

Annie is an excellent and extremely experienced supervisor. I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking supervision in the counselling and psychotherapy arena.

Tim @ Leeds. 2019

Annie gave me just the right support at the time I needed it. She showed me lots of kindness and compassion. I am grateful for her support and her time.

N @ West Leeds. 2018

Through this little journey I have really got to know myself and explore my inner feelings and thoughts.  Initially I found it hard to make a decision about contacting a counsellor, and to digest that I need counselling sessions.  Once the process started I felt really comfortable and at ease in my very first session.  I remember going away with that feeling of phew and relief.  I actually couldn’t wait to have my next session so I could get that feeling of relief again and again.  I had this sense of I’m here as I need help and I can achieve this without being judged or questioned.  I could just go in and say what I had to and say how I was feeling.  That was a big thing as I am a thinker and don’t speak out aloud.

Salma - Student, Bradford - October 2013

“The experience I had with this service was professional and supportive. I could be just how I was on that day and felt that I received a lot of compassionate understanding and useful reflection on the issues I brought with me each week.”

Zoe, Leeds - June 2013

“The situation I found myself in was I needed to talk about a relationship problem which I just could not discuss with anybody else. I found Annie to be warm, welcoming and friendly. She is a great listener who did not rush me or judge me and I was able to speak to her with complete honesty knowing it was confidential. I feel I have benefited greatly from my sessions with Annie and I am now moving on with my life and enjoying it again.”

Jo - A mature lady, Farsley - June 2013

“My time with Annie moved me from a long period of grief to a place where I could live with what had happened and find peace within myself, she helped me recognise my feeling, a time to talk and be heard, a time to understand what I was feeling. Annie helped my process and identify my emotions and feel in control again. The time with Annie was a difficult time for me, she allowed my to be myself, share my sorrow, anger, feeling of loss without judgment, it was so special to have someone hear you and want to help. I felt I couldn’t talk to anyone about how I was feeling, Annie gave me a safe place to be heard and understood, allowing me through a process to understand my feelings and gain confidence in myself again

Shirley - Wife and mum of two, Shirley - Wife and mum of two,

Annie gave me just the right support at the time I needed it. She showed me lots of kindness and compassion. I am grateful for her support and her time.

N @ West Leeds. 2018

Annie is wonderfully warm and engaging. I found her support and insight invaluable as my tutor during my Counselling Diploma. She has an excellent range of knowledge and experience to draw upon in her role as Counsellor and Supervisor. Annie is also forthright and brave and has the courage to follow her instincts and beliefs. I fully recommend her in whichever therapeutic role you are thinking of engaging in with her.

Alison @ Leeds. 2016

“It is been a special time for me to have known you, not just the counselling process itself but knowing you as a person which makes up part of my travelling journey in the UK. I think distance can sometimes make our connections with people very personal and special.”

Jiao - Foreign Student, September 2011

Before: “You hit the nail on the head, i do think we have different values… Also its the trust, respect and letting down aspect i fear. At the minute i just don’t know what to do for the best, i guess i just fear being let down again.”
After: “I think us talking to someone who doesn’t know either of us and is totally neutral helped. Like you said we were able to reflect over the past and reach an outcome that is best for us both at this time.”

Wendy & Cain - Young couple, Bramley - August 2011

“I have found our meetings really beneficial and I really have got a lot out of them. I just really liked talking to you. I’ve certainly learnt a few coping mechanisms with my sister for example and if it wasn’t for you , I certainly would have got over the awful Christmas I had, as quick.”

Sharon - Young Professional, Leeds - March 2011

“I would definitely come back to you if I feel I need to. I did feel very much that you lived up to your testimonial on your counselling directory page: specifically, non judgemental. I have been to other counsellors and I have felt like that was an issue – probably from myself to myself, but you were able to get me past that and helped me to accept and feel happier with myself especially in relation to my marriage.”

Linda - Wife & Mother of two, Shipley - January 2011