Relationship Counselling is for talking confidentially and in private about your relationship worries or fears. Talking therapy can help you to understand your relationship better.

Individual or Couples

You can come on your own to Relationship Counselling to speak about such things with a professional, non-judgemental counsellor.  You will be respected and understood.  Alternatively you can attend together with partner or spouse.  See  Couples Counselling

Your intention may be to think more clearly.  Often people want to change how they are in the relationship.  Perhaps you would like to be assertive at times but fear tipping into aggression. Sometimes people dislike their feeling of anger and want that to change.

Relationship Ending

Sometimes people come to talk through their experience of the end of their relationship.  You may be wondering how much was your responsibility.  Or you may simply be plain angry.  It helps to talk through the grief of the ending of the relationship.  Especially when the end has come as a surprise, there may be a feeling of betrayal.  When a person feels they cannot tell their story to family or friends,  your counsellor will listen and understand.

Couples Counselling reading for when you both want to come along to talk on neutral ground with a professional facilitator.

If you click on this link it will take you to the Relate website, which has a lot of interesting information about relationships.  Link to Relate website.