Hello readers, this is a cup of coffee moment. Today, I’m choosing to write about Person-Centred practice as this is what consumes me most of the time (unsurprisingly as I’m studying for an MSc in it at Temenos in Sheffield). I find it’s changed my perception of life, how I feel in life and what I choose to do in life. In short I’ve been on a journey and am continuing on.

I practice counselling and psychotherapy in West Yorkshire, England. I like to help others along on their way, when they ask me for help. I feel good about what I’m doing.

As I bring myself, the therapist, to each psychotherapy session I give, I bring all that I am as a resource to each therapeutic relationship. To this end my self-awareness of my beliefs, values, knowledge and skills are relevant to the quality of every moment with each client.

I believe our motivation in life is as HH Dalai Lama said (1998) “I believe that the very purpose of our life is to seek happiness….Whether one believes in religion or not, whether one believes in this religion or that religion, we all are seeking something better in life. So, I think, the very motion of our life is towards happiness…

It’s not an easy journey you know for anyone involved with counselling. It involves taking a good look at yourself and getting real about what you want and what you need, others around you, all your experiences and as much as you can cope with looking at. Not that it’s all difficult. There’s a lot about becoming a more fully functioning person that’s been fun and that is fun, and creative too. This blog is testimony to that.

Being a counsellor I have built my practice around Person-Centred theory and that is quite appropriate, however, also working in education it is possible and respectful to use Person-Centred theory in relation to others in an educative role. I will come back to that in another blog shortly. You can also use it for things like conflict resolution, business and even town planning. Using the Person-Centred approach is about understanding others and communicating that to them and keeping your own personal integrity and identity while being with someone who is very different to yourself and hold very different views.