I have a lot of experience in working with parents of children and youngsters. My work as a counsellor is inevitably influenced by my time as a teacher. Often I recognise the anxiety on the faces of clients as they bring their story of the overwhelming things, that are occurring in their lives, which, they feel powerless to stop. They seek understanding or some control. They are afraid of consequences. They feel for their child and fear for him/her too. Some of the children are caught in the middle of difficult circumstances between their parents.

Often there are no easy answers but the process of telling the story is cathartic in itself. We are moved. We explore what the emotions mean. What is behind the way we feel. What is played out in the safety of the therapeutic relationship? What anxieties are liberated through genuine caring built on a regular, honest basis.

The Counselling ProcessMy counselling rooms are homely. We can feel at ease in relaxing surroundings. Sometimes we feel as though we are talking to a friend. That is part of the therapy. It can feel that way. I know however, how to hold the boundaries of a working relationship.

Not knowing where to begin to tell one’s story is a familiar problem. Often clients feel at sea, swamped with the enormity of events and feelings. I can suggest taking a deep breath and taking a dive into the content, perhaps with the most recent happenings. Not to worry if you don’t get it all. Over the course of time you will remember more – enough. It’s funny how you don’t have to say every detail to give me an understanding of what you’re living through.

The first session comes to an end all too quickly but hope is on the horizon. I offer hope – the counselling process offers hope that things will change, will feel different in a while. Surprisingly to some people this happens sooner than later. Those who enter the counselling room with years worth of burried difficulties to unearth, expecting a quick fix are more disappointed. However, you can travel as far as you like. You can stop the process when you’ve had enough.

I attempt to make the process accessible to all who ask even if it’s just for a little while.