This is an anonymised guest blog.  I want to do justice to the thought and effort that has gone into this journey and piece of writing.  Make what you will of it.  This person was working on self-esteem, confidence and understanding self in relationship.

New Testimonial October 2013                                 Salma  –   (20 something) –  Bradford

Through this little journey I have really got to know myself and explore my inner feelings and thoughts.  Initially I found it hard to make a decision about contacting a counsellor, and to digest that I need counselling sessions.  Once the process started I felt really comfortable and at ease in my very first session.  I remember going away with that feeling of phew and relief.  I actually couldn’t wait to have my next session so I could get that feeling of relief again and again.  I had this sense of I’m here as I need help and I can achieve this without being judged or questioned.  I could just go in and say what I had to and say how I was feeling.  That was a big thing as I am a thinker and don’t speak out aloud.

Counselling Room

A safe space in one counselling room.

I felt like I was being heard and everything I was saying was gently reflected back to me.  I heard myself saying things I have never said to anyone as I have been afraid of being judged.  Throughout the process I realised I was getting to know myself and I learnt many positive things about myself.  This was followed by a confidence boost and helped me to gain control of life again.  It seemed like that was never going to happen, but it did! In my last session I was able to understand where I am in life, what my goals are and how I will achieve this.  It is already working and I feel I am achieving some part of my goal every day.  That feeling is amazing and I will never let it go.  There was definitely a person-centred approach throughout my process and this is what made me go back each week.  I felt I connected with Annie really well, as she had a calm and collected manner throughout our sessions.  I felt every little detail was heard and that meant the world to me. xxx