How Social Labels Affect Therapy: Matching the Client to the Counsellor

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In the world we live in today, everything is ascribed a label: politics, gender, class, the list goes on. Why has it become apparent that in contemporary culture, we appear to have a somewhat inherent desire to dissect the most natural elements of human life into marketable, universal and objective categories? And critically, from a [...]

The Use of ‘Self’ in Counselling

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It may be more comfortable for counsellors to inhabit both a ‘counselling brain’ and a ‘personal brain’. One concerned with professionalism and theory, and the other incorporating everything outside of the working day. This may, to an untrained eye, be the most professional and distant way of approaching any workplace. However, in a discipline which [...]

Person-Centred Psychology relates to people

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Guest Blogpost by Ashley, psychology student - Leeds Trinity University.  Our Ashley's a great help.   "Since beginning psychology at A-level, I have learnt about a wide variety of approaches and therapies that have been developed and adapted over the years. Possibly my most favourite, and perhaps the most revolutionary and influential of these, has [...]

Conditions of Worth

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As a counsellor I need to be aware of how I am being while sitting with my clients.  That is obvious.  If I am judging someone that will come across in my attitude and the client will pick that up.  That will hinder the counselling process and the client's experience or might even harm the [...]

The Person-Centred Way

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Hello readers, this is a cup of coffee moment. Today, I’m choosing to write about Person-Centred practice as this is what consumes me most of the time (unsurprisingly as I’m studying for an MSc in it at Temenos in Sheffield). I find it’s changed my perception of life, how I feel in life and what [...]