Conditions of Worth

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As a counsellor I need to be aware of how I am being while sitting with my clients.  That is obvious.  If I am judging someone that will come across in my attitude and the client will pick that up.  That will hinder the counselling process and the client's experience or might even harm the [...]


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My name is Ashley and I’m currently a psychology undergraduate in the Leeds area.   As part of my university course, I have to arrange and attend a placement that has some form of psychological aspect to it. Having arranged a placement last year, my nerves were somewhat settled. This was until the deadline drew closer [...]

Confidence through counselling

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This is an anonymised guest blog.  I want to do justice to the thought and effort that has gone into this journey and piece of writing.  Make what you will of it.  This person was working on self-esteem, confidence and understanding self in relationship. New Testimonial October 2013               [...]

Counselling Business Marketing

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Providing psychological therapy in private practice is not quite the same as working in the rest of the business world. We need to be aware of advertising ourselves ethically due to the nature of counselling itself. I don’t mean to say that every other business is not being ethical. It’s simply that in the world [...]

Counselling for depression

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It’s an everyday word – depression. It covers from sadness and lethargy to persistent low mood preventing you from enjoying life, (often felt more acutely in the morning or at night). Sometimes described with metaphors like having a black cloud hanging over your head, or a heavy cloak on your shoulders. It changes the way [...]

Hope through the process

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I have a lot of experience in working with parents of children and youngsters. My work as a counsellor is inevitably influenced by my time as a teacher. Often I recognise the anxiety on the faces of clients as they bring their story of the overwhelming things, that are occurring in their lives, which, they [...]