Relationship Counselling

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Relationship Counselling is for talking confidentially and in private about your relationship worries or fears. Talking therapy can help you to understand your relationship better. Individual or Couples You can come on your own to Relationship Counselling to speak about such things with a professional, non-judgemental counsellor.  You will be respected and understood.  Alternatively you can [...]

Confidentiality in Counselling

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Regarding Confidentiality in Counselling Before your counselling sessions continue in earnest, you might want to check out exactly what your counsellor means by confidentiality so that you both have the same understanding.  Confidentiality is a boundary around your conversations.  Clients often take it for granted.  It helps us to feel emotionally safe to say what [...]

Avoca Counselling

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Business Rebrand to Avoca Counselling Here's a story about my new business name - "Avoca" Counselling.  It means "Resting Place" in Irish Gaelic.  I've chosen this name in memory of my Grandmother and the heritage I have through her family. A Tale of Settlers in the Australian Outback My Grandmother used the name "Avoca" to [...]

Can Sad Music Be Used as a Therapeutic Tool?

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It is thought that most people do not actively seek out sadness. Our assumption is that we have an innate drive strive for happiness and seek to minimise sad emotions. However, this is not always the case. Also, it certainly doesn’t explain the popularity of melancholy music. What psychological mechanisms are at play during the [...]

How Social Labels Affect Therapy: Matching the Client to the Counsellor

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In the world we live in today, everything is ascribed a label: politics, gender, class, the list goes on. Why has it become apparent that in contemporary culture, we appear to have a somewhat inherent desire to dissect the most natural elements of human life into marketable, universal and objective categories? And critically, from a [...]

The Use of ‘Self’ in Counselling

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It may be more comfortable for counsellors to inhabit both a ‘counselling brain’ and a ‘personal brain’. One concerned with professionalism and theory, and the other incorporating everything outside of the working day. This may, to an untrained eye, be the most professional and distant way of approaching any workplace. However, in a discipline which [...]

Transition to University

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Transition to University: Not Just a Piece of Cake. Big changes can be emotionally intense for some individuals. A good example of this is the transition that many students endure from higher education to university.  Although circumstances differ for each individual, many choose to move out of their family home and into halls of residence. [...]

Person-Centred Psychology relates to people

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Guest Blogpost by Ashley, psychology student - Leeds Trinity University.  Our Ashley's a great help.   "Since beginning psychology at A-level, I have learnt about a wide variety of approaches and therapies that have been developed and adapted over the years. Possibly my most favourite, and perhaps the most revolutionary and influential of these, has [...]