Can Sad Music Be Used as a Therapeutic Tool?

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It is thought that most people do not actively seek out sadness. Our assumption is that we have an innate drive strive for happiness and seek to minimise sad emotions. However, this is not always the case. Also, it certainly doesn’t explain the popularity of melancholy music. What psychological mechanisms are at play during the [...]

Gender Stereotypes

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Gender Stereotypes - still influencing Another guest blog by Ashley, psychology student who continues his work here for a few weeks to come.  He is developing his blogging wings and deserves some response, I feel.  He writes: "I would like to begin this blog by stating that I do not agree with gender stereotypes. I [...]

Conditions of Worth

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As a counsellor I need to be aware of how I am being while sitting with my clients.  That is obvious.  If I am judging someone that will come across in my attitude and the client will pick that up.  That will hinder the counselling process and the client's experience or might even harm the [...]