Business Rebrand to Avoca Counselling

Here’s a story about my new business name – “Avoca” Counselling.  It means “Resting Place” in Irish Gaelic.  I’ve chosen this name in memory of my Grandmother and the heritage I have through her family.

A Tale of Settlers in the Australian Outback

My Grandmother used the name “Avoca” to sell her business produce in 1922 in Western Australia.  She had set up a dairy farm with my Grandfather.  Along with many other settlers, they had cleared ground to build their homesteads and start a new way of life.  Soon after they arrived in Freemantle, a group of them were driven into the outback on the back of a cart and they slept under the stars until they had built their cabins.  She sold butter and milk.  On her butter she stamped a Shamrock design in respect of her Irish roots.  This is my heritage too.

They kept the produce cool overnight by putting in a bucket in the well.  One of the first things my Grandfather did was to dig that well with his own hands.  Frank went down so far that my Grandma worried because she could only see a tiny head deep in the dark hole.  While he worked below, Grandma pulled the earth to the top in buckets.  Grandad boarded the well with wood as he descended.  One day as he climbed out, he said ‘it won’t be long now as the bottom of the well is getting very wet’.  The next morning, it was full of bright, clear, cold water.  It tasted so good.

A New Branded Identity

During a number of years, I struggled with my last business name.  Consequently, I have been on a journey of discovery to find something more meaningful.  “Avoca” feels like ‘home’ to me.  I identify with it and am at peace with the name.  Apart from the history behind the name, I feel it’s appropriate for the counselling environment I have created.  It is quiet, comfortable and tucked away for privacy.  My intention is that Avoca Counselling space can be a temporary place of rest.  Importantly, it is a confidential place to share worries and to get some clarity.

In working with the difficulties and frustrations that my clients face on a daily basis, I hope to offer a place of calm and trust, like coming home to something reassuringly familiar.  A place to rest for a while, kick back and say things as they are.  A time to draw from the well of inner reserves while recognising how hard that is.  Therapy can be a really testing journey.

Certainly, a business name is a personal thing.  It has to grow to mean something to clients as well.  When I reflect on what comes up in many client journeys, it is like a digging out of unwanted earth, often in a search for something precious.  It’s like, a making way for the renewed self and a shoring up of one’s own identity.

Likewise, I work in other venues in the community, I hope I take the spirit of my ‘brand’ with me. Counselling Location