Alternative Mental Health Care movement toward largely non-medical approaches, focused on holistic recovery rather than symptom treatment, is growing in the United States and is present in Great Britain.


Acceptance is Key:

Being accepted by your peers is always a powerful healer and motivator, helping towards recovering. This recent article outlines the story of a young person who was not helped by the medical system and only found relief through an alternative mental health care movement which is growing in the United States. My message is that the Hearing Voices Movement “Intervoice” also exists in Great Britain.


Understanding the Person:

There is debate around whether to engage with the voices of the person or not.  The main message is about being with the voice hearer with an attitude of acceptance and seeking to understand them as a person.  This is also good for anyone whose life is being interrupted by similar difficulties.


De-medicalizing Distress

Medicalizing distress often results in the person remaining captive by the drugs they are prescribed.  In many cases, we hear this is not felt to be helpful to the individual for a various reasons. Being more focused on the individual as a person, (Person-centred) and not as a medical diagnosis is an alternative mental health care approach, which, proves effective and is welcomed by many.


Understand the Voice:

“It is largely non-medical, focused on holistic recovery rather than symptom treatment, and increasingly accessible through an assortment of in-home services, residential centers and groups like the voices network, which, Ms. White turned to, in which members help one another understand each voice, as a metaphor, rather than try to extinguish it.”

American experts say, “For the first time in this country, psychiatry’s critics are mounting a sustained, broadly based effort to provide people with practical options, rather than solely alleging abuses like over medication and involuntary restraint.”

“Studies suggest, about three quarters of people put on a medication for psychosis, stop taking it within 18 months, because of side effects or other issues. Some do well on other drugs; others do not.”

Those interested might like to consider attending 19th-22nd October “Making History – Owning Our Stories” Congress 2016 Paris, France.

Or follow the Hearing Voices Movement.


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