Calverley (LS28), Bramley (LS13), Tinshill (LS16).

Counselling and psychotherapy available at Avoca Counselling Leeds

West Yorkshire, England.

Avoca provides private talking therapy with a well-qualified, experienced and registered, professional counsellor and accredited psychotherapist.

Professional Memberships leading to a Safe Experience:
I work to the B.A.C.P. Ethical Framework (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy).  I am also a member of the U.K.C.P. professional counselling and psychotherapy body. In addition, there is essential insurance required for this practice and a D.B.S. (Disclosure and Barring Service) check certificate. This is for safeguarding purposes, to prove I am suitable to work with vulnerable people.

Avoca Counselling Leeds – The Experience of being in Counselling:
Listening to you attentively, I respond genuinely, accepting what you are struggling with and how you manage that, however you tell me your story. I offer a warm, non-judgemental and ethical process for reflection on your concerns. I do not give advice but I may share what I know if asked.

For example, I can support you in processes such as:
Resolving relationship issues, including couple counselling or workplace relationships. On such occasions it is well-known to be useful to talk with someone impartial. After bereavement or a significant loss when grieving can become a burden, processing your feelings helps release much.  Often sharing how you are feeling leads to improved well-being by lifting depression or anxiety and tackling overwhelming stress. Importantly, speaking about difficult to manage anger is effective in helping to dissolve it. Frequently these therapeutic conversations help a person to find a level of confidence and improve self-esteem and a sense of well-being.

Service Fees, up-to-date training list and what you can come to counselling for can be viewed on The Counselling Directory – Leeds Counsellor Annie

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