Introducing Leeds Counsellor at Avoca Counselling

Leeds Counsellor is Annie’s Twitter name.  She is a qualified and registered counsellor, accredited psychotherapist, experienced Couples Counsellor and a Supervisor of counsellors, teachers and health workers.

The Counsellor

Qualifications and certifications of Leeds Counsellor Annie:

Registered Member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (M.B.A.C.P.).  Accredited Psychotherapist with the UK Council of Psychotherapists (U.K.C.P.). Qualified to Post-graduate Masters level in Person-centred Psychotherapy and Counselling.  Diploma in Counselling in 2007. Also a qualified Practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming (N.L.P.) (2002).

Previous Life Experience for this Leeds Counsellor:

Leeds Counsellor, Annie has a background in Education of 20 years working with children from 6 to 18 and adults too.  First of all teaching languages to examination classes, then eventually she co-ordinated a French department. In contrast, her experience includes working as a Personal Assistant to the Director of New Technology at Cambridge Life Sciences and various policy managing and communications roles in the Department of Health.  In more recent years Annie worked as a Counselling Tutor for a local charity and a Learning Mentor in a Leeds City school until setting up in local independent practice.

“I enjoy helping remove barriers to learning and working with parents and their children.  I have a particular interest in how children and young people learn and what motivates or creates barriers for them.”

Leeds Counsellor offers a Client-centred/Person-centred Approach

Annie is committed to the Person-Centred approach (PCA) as it can be applied in many walks of life demonstrating respect and a tendency to value others.  Often considered the foundation of modern day counselling attitudes, the Person-centred Approach is a principled philosophy in itself.  Notably, PCA is useful for helping to contain an immediate crisis or problem until it can be worked through more gradually.

“I thoroughly enjoy using Person-Centred counselling and find it always helps my clients reach a better place for themselves. People tell me they find me friendly, genuine and they feel heard and understood.”

Giving Back to Society

Having encountered counselling after a number of life difficulties, Annie became fascinated by how helpful it was.  Gradually, she learned that not everything was her fault and got a better sense of herself and her identity. Consequently learning how to feel resilient, her future became clearer.  Eventually she decided to learn more, become well-qualified and to offer counselling in her own right.

“I remain indebted to my therapist and the working relationship she formed with me, which, was so healing and motivating.  I want to give something back to society by offering similar counselling experiences.”

Ethical Frameworks

Taking ethical responsibilities seriously, Annie is in regular supervision, reflecting on her work and weighing up how she is relating to the issues that people bring along to counselling.

“I understand that it can be difficult to decide to try some counselling and am happy to receive phone or email enquiries to see if counselling may suit your needs. If I think counselling would not be useful for you, I would tell you.”

Self Care and Fitness to Practice

Annie is a keen amateur genealogist and loves social history and architecture.  This interest has taken her to new places.  Similarly she likes to go walking with friends, get out in the garden, bird watch, and photograph things.  Whenever she gets the time she also loves to bake.  Furthermore, she enjoys following the cricket and major sporting tournaments.