You may be considering Relationship Counselling to help improve your relationships with various others in your life.

Perhaps you have noticed a repeating pattern with a specific difficulty in your relationships.  Anger or low self-esteem or confidence may be affecting the way you relate to others for example.  Relationship Counselling can help you to help yourself.

It may be that you get looked over for opportunities or you do not feel valued in your main relationship. You may have noticed yourself feeling low about how you feel in relation to others. Maybe you avoid certain situations. Is there something on your mind that you just can’t admit to others and yet you have a need to tell them. Do you feel you are unable to be yourself fully?

Do you want to be more assertive? Has there been an incident in your past that has affected the way you think or feel in a big way? You may just have a feeling that you don’t get on with people and want to improve this aspect of your life. Maybe you are seen as an outsider and want to join in more. Want to feel included? Want to feel more lovable?

You may wish to deal with one of the above or something similar.  Decide how important it is for you to feel alright about your relationships. Decide if you can make a commitment to yourself and want to try some Relationship Counselling.