Bereavement and Loss

This service specialises in issues of bereavement and loss.

Is your partner fed-up with you crying or being low. Are you not able to sleep? Getting more depressed? Feeling angry? Is there guilt around? Taking to drink? The pain of missing the person you loved who has died is so much you wonder if it will ever go away. You don’t want to forget them. You don’t know what life holds for you now? These are just some of the reactions that could be around for you. However it is for you, you don’t have to cope on your own. You might ask for help.

The same process applies as for most of my counselling. Our work together will encourage you to use your own inherent, creative, problem-solving abilities and make positive changes for you. As for all my clients, you decide how long you want to attend for and how much you have to invest. All work is confidential.

I have valuable experience of working with bereaved clients and clients who are suffering from anticpatory grief. I have also worked for Cruse as a Bereavement Counsellor. Things will shift emotionally for you. Each person takes their own amount of time to heal and adjust to the loss of a loved one.

There are also other losses in life that may cause you to feel grief. Your beloved pet may have died and you may be on your own. Your partner may have left and you could be feeling their loss and the loss of your future with them. You may have miscarried – you may have lost your health in some way. You may have lost your job or be coming up to retirement and be losing your vaulable occupation. Along with some of these losses comes a change in identity for some people or a loss of identity. Who am I now? How will I cope? What could have been if…..? Maybe too there is a sense of shame or guilt accompanying the loss. How you feel is very valid and real for you. If it is causing you problems then it’s worth helping.

With parental permission I am able to work with your children if you would like them to process their loss in a healthy way or if you feel you are unable to help your child with the loss of a loved one. I have much experience of relating to children and using counselling skills in the process. Often I use creative art work or sometimes puppets or soft toys.