Privacy and confidentiality is of utmost importance to this service at all times and stages of the process.

The content of all counselling sessions is confidential unless you tell your counsellor there is danger to other people’s lives. If there is danger to your life this will be discussed and explored in a non-judgemental way between you and your counsellor.

  • In the initial meeting terms of service  are explained and you give some basic details – name, address and how best to contact you – who knows you’ve come for counselling and what level of privacy you require in your home and work life.
  • The usual rules of courteous respect and non-abuse apply during the session for all persons involved.
  • If you meet your counsellor in the street they might acknowledge you but will not stop to talk. This is to protect the working relationship as well as your confidentiality and the counsellor’s personal space too.
  • Session notes and personal details are minimal and kept encrypted online. Once the counselling has finished notes are kept for five years, to satisfy insurance requirements, and then erased. Often the bare minimum of notes are recorded.
  • Client work is discussed with a clinical supervisor on a regular basis but each client is made anonymous. The supervisor is mostly interested in the practice of the counsellor.
  • Clients are not tweeted about, nor is any of their specific content referred to in social media.  Known clients are not followed but may be privately acknowledged.  Known clients are discouraged from relating with the counsellor through social media.

If you have any questions about privacy or confidentiality please do ask.