Avoca Counselling and Psychotherapy

Calverley (LS28), Bramley (LS13), Tinshill (LS16).

Counselling and psychotherapy available in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England.  Avoca provides private talking therapy with a well-qualified, experienced and registered, professional counsellor and accredited psychotherapist.

Professional Memberships leading to a Safe Experience:
I work to the B.A.C.P. Ethical Framework (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy).  I am also a member of the U.K.C.P. professional counselling and psychotherapy body. In addition, there is essential insurance required for this practice and a D.B.S. (Disclosure and Barring Service) check certificate. This is for safeguarding purposes, to prove I am suitable to work with vulnerable people.

The Experience of being in Counselling:
Listening to you attentively, I respond genuinely, accepting what you are struggling with and how you manage that, however you tell me your story. I offer a warm, non-judgemental and ethical process for reflection on your concerns. I do not give advice but I may share what I know if asked.

For example, I can support you in processes such as:
Resolving relationship issues, including couple counselling or workplace relationships. On such occasions it is well-known to be useful to talk with someone impartial. After bereavement or a significant loss when grieving can become a burden, processing your feelings helps release much.  Often sharing how you are feeling leads to improved well-being by lifting depression or anxiety and tackling overwhelming stress. Importantly, speaking about difficult to manage anger is effective in helping to dissolve it. Frequently these therapeutic conversations help a person to find a level of confidence and improve self-esteem and a sense of well-being.

 Counselling or Psychotherapy Appointments with Avoca, are Made in Advance, after Email Enquiry and a Telephone Conversation.

Getting the Conversation Started:
I may help manage the counselling process especially at the start for inexperienced clients. Your response to the process of counselling will be unique to you. I follow your lead on conversation topic and go at your pace. Sometimes counselling sessions might feel hard for you and I will understand this.

The Boundaries of Avoca Counselling and Psychotherapy:
Each time you come to session, the conversation lasts for up to fifty five minutes.  You can say a lot in that time and hear enough responses from your counsellor to help you reflect further on your situation between sessions. In the last five minutes you make a payment and diary any future sessions needed.  Counselling is usually a regular weekly conversation with a therapist until you no longer feel the need to attend.  You can come for short term solution-focused counselling or more open-ended counselling and psychotherapy depending on your needs and how you feel.  Contact

Psychotherapy – What’s the Difference?
I describe Psychotherapy as a longer term working relationship.  These conversations take place with a trained psychotherapist.  It is likely to go to a deeper level for longer lasting change work.  For example it can take a bit of time to change habits of a lifetime.  However, any Person-centred therapist can only work to the level the client goes to. On the other hand, if the relationship is good enough, the client may feel safe enough to bring more out.

Most importantly, the content of your session is confidential and anonymous (except danger to the lives of others). I attend regular supervision according to U.K.C.P. best practice.  My supervisor helps monitor how I am practising as I speak about my responses and examine my feelings and anything affecting all my work.  Privacy and Confidentiality

To clarify, you can expect:
A comfortable, calm and confidential space for us to relate;
Responsive appointment times – offering sessions either daytime, afternoon, early evening or Saturday;
A well-trained, ethical, informed and well-supervised practice;
Accessible fees and when possible low-cost;
An empathic and non-judgemental understanding, reflecting on your concern.


My profile is also available on the “Find a Therapist” directory for the B.A.C.P.

Annie Fallaize Counsellor and Psychotherapist

Also on the “Find a Therapist” directory for the U.K.C.P.

Annie Fallaize Counsellor and Psychotherapist